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Christian History Magazine Announces Latest Issue #110, Titled: Callings – Work and Vocation in the History of the Church

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Michael Austin
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Christian History Magazine

Christian History Magazine Announces Latest Issue #110, Titled:
Callings – Work and Vocation in the History of the Church

Understanding and Choosing a Vocation in an Era of Job Shortage,
Persecution and Change

Worcester, PA, Oct 1, 2014 |Christian News Service| – Christian History Institute (CHI) announces its latest publication of Christian History, issue #110, titled: Callings – Work and Vocation in the History of the Church. The revived Christian History (CH) magazine continues to publish informative and entertaining history, now bundled with a companion website, www.christianhistoryinstitute.org, a feature rich resource designed for the home, church library and schools, at no cost (donations welcome.)

This issue, #110, of Christian History magazine examines the many ways that Christian vocation or calling has been understood throughout Christian history. Eight in-depth articles, special features and resources tell the history and answer critical questions facing Christians today, in an era of job shortage and increasing social persecution against believers in Jesus Christ:

  • How the ‘calling’ to do God’s will became a ‘profession’ viewed as God’s work.
  • How the Christian life changed the vocation of famous and talented world leaders.
  • How traditional roles or vocations of working people have changed over time.    
  • How can a Christian tell what God is calling them to do in life and for work?
  • What are professions in which Christians should not participate?
  • How have Christians historically contributed to the development of professions?

These and many more questions are explored in-depth by CH’s guest writers (church scholars and authors) including the editor’s interview with leaders associated with the Oikonomia movement, a vocation partnership of leading Christian seminaries and university departments.  

“Christians who seek to answer a call to serve or to apply their talents to a vocation, will be inspired by their predecessor’s examples,” said Michael Austin, a communications consultant and Christian commentator. “Current domestic and global economic trends are causing Christians to re-think meaningful work and service opportunities. History shows how Christians have applied their faith in the workplace to serve others in love and truth.”

Christian History Institute (CHI) is a non-profit Pennsylvania corporation founded in 1982. CHI publishes Christian History magazine and also produces books and videos featuring important Christian history, including Torchlighters®, an animated history series for children. CHI is a donor-supported organization providing church history resources and self-study material to make Christian history accessible to the widest possible audience, via video and the Internet. Contact Christian History Institute Box 540, Worcester, PA 19490, www.ChristianHistoryInstitute.org

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