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A Motion Picture First, HOLY GHOST Film Documents God’s Real-Life Presence on Earth

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Movie features acclaimed musicians Michael W. Smith, Lenny Kravitz, Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu, Meredith Andrews, and Kim Walker-Smith

Featuring two members of the heavy metal band Korn, acclaimed recording artists, recognized faith leaders, best-selling authors and more; filmed in locations all over the world, shot with no script and no plan, and containing real instances of divine healing and miracles—HOLY GHOST is unlike any movie ever made

September 6th World Premiere Experience is THIS COMING SATURDAY



Chicago, IL, August 26, 2014 /Christian News Service/ -- Wanderlust Productions-the independent film studio behind the cult hit trilogy FINGER OF GOD, FURIOUS LOVE and FATHER OF LIGHTS-is poised to disrupt the entertainment industry's long-established business model with the debut of its dynamic new documentary film HOLY GHOST


Featuring a concert by Jake Hamilton & The Sound, the HOLY GHOST World Premiere Experience will be a one-time, live global event on September 6 in which anyone anywhere can see the film-for free.

Funded by 2,500 investors who surged to support Director Darren Wilson's Kickstarter campaign, HOLY GHOST raised a record-breaking $360,000 in just 45 days to become the #1 most-funded, faith-based film in Kickstarter history. The film's producers, who turned to fans to fund HOLY GHOST, are now asking 25,000 of their most deeply dedicated fans to crowd-market and promote it with the launch of a new #HolyGhostExperience social media campaign.


"Our fans crowd-funded HOLY GHOST, and now they're our mass marketing and promotion team around the world. That's why #HolyGhostExperience has gained instant traction, because tens of thousands are working to bring this project across the finish line," said Braden Heckman, CEO of Wanderlust Productions. "Every day the HOLY GHOST team is working with supporters to spread the word by setting up events, signing up their friends, and engaging within their spheres of influence to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience this movie."

#HolyGhostExperience puts the consumer in the driver's seat, empowering fans to take unlimited steps to promote the World Premiere Experience. Fans have the opportunity to participate by engaging in as many as five easy, seven moderate, and two challenging promotional tasks plus a daily, bonus challenge posed by the HOLY GHOST social media team. These include:
  1. Share the Trailer: 
    Show the trailer in local churches.
  2. Enlist Churches to Join: Recruit their church to participate in the HOLY GHOST World Premiere Experience on September 6thNearly 600 churches around the world have signed up to date.
  3. Bring the Film to More Theaters: Create demand for HOLY GHOST to be shown in movie theaters using the demand-first distribution website Tugg. Almost 60 theaters have signed on purely by popular demand.
  4. Host a Screening Party: Host a HOLY GHOST house party.
  5. Invite Friends: Encourage 10 people to see the World Premiere Experience.
  6. Donate Accounts: Lend their social media accounts to HOLY GHOST to automatically send Tweets and Facebook posts about the movie.
  7. Fund the Marketing: Give $10 for 1,000 more people to see the trailer.
  8. Send to a Stranger: Pre-purchase the DVD and send it to a randomly selected person in the U.S.

To learn more about HOLY GHOST, the World Premiere Experience, and view the trailer, visit http://hgpremiere.bethel.tv


To see the #HolyGhostExperience Campaign, visit https://holyghostpremiere.com

About Wanderlust Productions 

Wanderlust Productions was founded by Darren Wilson in 2006 when he began work on what would become his first feature length film, FINGER OF GOD. The company currently concentrates on creating feature films that are both creatively exciting and spiritually engaging.



Source: Faith Driven Entertainment

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